Minitest 1 Family

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Minitest 1 Family

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Task 1

Fill in the following sentences with appropriate words.

1. My mother’s sister is my .
2. My uncle's children are my .
3. My sister’s son is my .
4. My brother’s daughters are my .
5. My wife’s mother is my .
6. Me and my brother are my grandparents’ .
7. The man who is married to my mother and is not my own father is my .

Task 2a

Why do people like Jimmy? Say what kind of person Jimmy is. Sometimes, there are more possibilities. However, write only one that corresponds to his description. 

1. Because he is loving and cares about others. He is
2. Because he likes to help others. He is
3. Because it’s easy to like him. He is
4. Because he is always happy. He often smiles. He is
5. Because he is fun to be with. He has a good sense of humour. He is
6. Because he has a lot of energy and shows interest in things. He is
7. Because he shows respect to others. He is
8. Because he keeps his promises. He is
9. Because he has a good education. He is
10. Because he is intelligent. He is

Task 2b

Fill in the prepositions. 

1. Jimmy is interested anything that concerns forests.
2. He is keen hiking.
3. Jimmy is fond yoga.

Task 2c

Why don‘t people like Tom? Say what kind of person Tom is. Sometimes, there are more possibilities. However, write only one that corresponds to his description.

1. Because he never wants to change his attitude. He is .
2. Because he does not share things with others. He is .
3. Because he only cares about himself. He is .
4. Because he often forgets to do what he should. He is .
5. Because he thinks that he is more important than others. He is .
6. Because he often changes his mood. He is .

Task 3

Choose the appropriate form of do, make, have or get.

Everybody should 1. do make have get enough time and space for their hobbies.

Young people usually want to 2. do make have get their studies and 3. do make have get a career before getting married.

Many couples 4. do make have get divorced.

All family members should 5. do make have get household chores.

What impact does a divorce 6. do make have get on the kids?

Some people 7. do make have get remarried and form a new family.

Task 4

Match the three English sentences with their translations.

1. Aký je (to človek)?
2. Ako sa má?
3. Ako vyzerá?


What does he look like?


What is he like?


How is he?


Task 5

Choose the appropriate prepositions. 

My mum is 1. about in her 50s. She is 2. in of average height. She takes 3. after like her mum, my grandma. She often reminds me 4. of on her. I think I will look 5. like as her when I’m older. She supports me 6. about in my hobbies. She is always ready 7. for to help. We get 8. in on very well.

Task 6

Fill in the missing words (one word to a gap).

A family typically 1. of a mother, father and their children.  Some families include three generations all living under one 2. . In many families, family members are in 3. contact. Families meet on special days, such 4. birthdays or weddings. These are called family 5. . Christmas and Easter are usually celebrated 6. home. Some parents have children from 7. marriages. Most people get married in their late twenties or early 8. . It is not easy for young couples nowadays to 9. down and start a family. To be 10. to buy a flat, they often need to take 11. from banks. Family members sometimes 12. about housework, raising children or money. Bad relationships 13. to problems in families. The different opinions that parents and their children have, may create a generation 14. . Frequent reasons 15. divorce are problems with thrust and financial problems 16. by unemployment. When we go 17. a hard time, our family is there to help us. As a popular quote says: In times of 18. , family is best.