Minitest 13 Science and Technology

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Minitest 4 Transport and Travelling

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Task 1

Write the names of nationalities next to the names of countries.

Czech Republic: 1.

Canada: 2.

Ireland: 3.

Scotland: 4.

The USA: 5.

Wales: 6.

Australia: 7.

New Zealand: 8.

Task 2

Choose the right adjectives.

The underground train was very 1. crowded empty during the morning rush hour. 
I couldn't believe how 2. crowded empty the streets are at night. 
It's 3. safer more dangerous to travel during the day than at night. 
I find it 4. safe dangerous to walk in Rio de Janeiro after dusk.
It's usually very 5. expensive cheap to fly first class.
Hitchhiking is 6. the most expensive the cheapest way of travel. 
It's a 7. long short way from Beijing to Prague.
One day is too 8. long short to explore New York.
The passengers feel 9. comfortable uncomfortable in a crowded bus.
It's much more 10. comfortable uncomfortable to sit on a plane than on a bike.   
I bought some souvenirs on a 11. global local market.
The satellite images gave a 12. global local perspective on the coastline. 
There was a lot of noise on the 13. quiet busy streets of Manhattan.
The ZOO went 14. quiet busy with no visitors.
I was too 15. slow fast to catch the train. 
The train was too 16. slow fast for me to catch. 

Task 3

Fill in the sentences with the appropriate forms of adjectives.

Travelling by bus is usually 1. (expensive) than travelling by car.
Walking to work is 2. (ecological) than commuting to work.
Travelling by car is 3. (quick/fast) than travelling by bike.
Streets in towns are usually 4. (crowded) than streets in villages.

Task 4

Choose the right word that best fits the following sentences.

I worked 1. as like than an au pair in Belgium. 
2. As Like Than I thought, seeing Tokyo was a great experience.
For me visiting cities is 3. as like than interesting 4. as like than exploring the countryside.
It was hot and sunny in Greece – I love the weather 5. as like than that. 
Romanian mountains were much more beautiful 6. as like than I thought.
My host family treated me 7. as like than their son. 
I would like to work 8. as like than a tour guide this summer. 
The strange fruit I had in Peru tasted 9. as like than peach.

Task 5

Choose the right preposition.

to travel: 1. on to work, 2. of on business, 3. for on pleasure, 4. for to relax, to get 5. to know other cultures

to go to school 6. by on foot

to go to school 7. by with bus

means 8. for of transport; a risk 9. for of an earthquake; millions 10. off of tourists

to cut down 11. on at the risk factors

to board 12. on a plane; to arrive 13. at on the station; to drive 14. on at the motorway

Have you been 15. to in Poland?

Welcome 16. to in Slovakia.

Task 6

Match the definitions of three types of holidays to their names: 1. package holiday, 2. self-catering holiday, 3. backpacking holiday.


low-cost independent way of travelling carrying all necessary things in a rucksack


independent way of travelling with cooking facilities available to cook meals


a holiday for a fixed price that includes the cost of the hotel and travel and sometimes food


Task 7

Fill in the gaps with appropriate forms of words given at the end of each line.

I'll send you the 1.flynumber when I know it. 

In the 2.depart hall I read all the details about our flight.

I could see your plane 3.take off.

People were ready to go on 4.board.

It's better to use contactless at the airport.

Food and drink service was 6.reduce.

The gate is now. 

Unfortunately, your flight has been 8.cancel.  

Task 8

Choose the appropriate forms of verbs.

I wish I 1. went go to Giza.

I would certainly 2. went go to Giza if I 3. could can.

If I 4. was were you, I wouldn’t travel very far.

I wish this awful pandemic 5. is was over.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to 6. get got the flight tickets.

I will call you when 7. I'm I'll be there.

The tour guide will welcome the tourists when they 8. will arrive arrive.

If the weather 9. will be is good, we'll take a boat ride.