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Task 1

Rozhodnite sa, ktoré slovo/slovné spojenie chýba na vynechaných miestach v texte (1 – 10). Alternatívy uvidíte, keď kliknete na šedé polia.

A Dog – a Person's Best Friend 

It is estimated that dogs have been human companions for about 15,000 years. Dogs seem to develop very tight social 1. chains bonds interests ropes with their owners. The relationship is often mutual, so many pet lovers consider their dog 2. been be being to be a member of the family. The experience proves that dogs can be praised 3. on from for to  a couple of amazing qualities, but their genuine devotion to humans is probably the most obvious reason 4. what why how when dogs are called people´s best friends. Throughout history, countless examples of dogs’ incredible loyalty can be 5. found founded find founding . What may first come to your mind is the name Hachiko, an Akita dog, 6. whom whose which that heart-breaking story was made into a movie. The American drama touched the hearts of millions of viewers all around the world. 

The real Hachiko was born in Japan in the 1920s.  He 7. has been owned is owned was owned owned by a Japanese professor called Ueno who gave the dog his name based on the crooked shape of his legs. Originally, Hachiko was a gift to the professor’s daughter. When she 8. grew up got up looked up brought up and left the parental household, her father kept the dog. Professor Ueno commuted to and from work on a 9. days daily day day’s  basis.  Every morning Hachiko walked to the train station accompanying his master. In the afternoon Hachiko came to greet him. However, one day Hatchiko’s beloved owner died of stroke during a class. For the first time Hachiko didn’t see his owner at the station on the usual time. But the dog never gave up waiting. For the next nine years, no matter what the weather was 10. liking alike likely like , Hachiko kept coming to the station until his death in 1935. When he died, the local people buried Hachiko in the cemetery next to his master. 

Adapted from https://www.rover.com/blog/dogs-called-mans-best-friend/#, https://www.animalwised.com/the-true-story-of-hachiko-the-faithful-dog-1474.html 

Task 2

Na vynechané miesta v texte (1 – 10)  doplňte jedno slovo (ktoré má gramatickú funkciu).

Australia’s Bushfires

Between September 2019 and January 2020 massive bushfires affected large areas of Australia, mostly the states of New South Wales and Victoria. Wildfires naturally occur in Australia 1.   of the hot climate, high temperatures and drought, but the recent fire season was one of the worst the country 2.   ever experienced. Since bushfires can spread very quickly, 3.   have devastating effects. In 2020, about twenty-four million acres of land across Australia burned, twenty-eight people died and thousands of houses were destroyed leaving 4. number of Australians without shelter. In some areas the thick smoke was so bad 5. it raised concerns about air quality and people’s health. Small particles polluted the air causing eye irritation and breathing problems. The toxic smoke impacted 6. only regions throughout Australia. Satellite maps show that the smoke travelled 7. far as the coast of South America.

The fires that swept through Australia also threatened 8.   ecosystem. The flames have severely damaged hundreds of species of plants, insects and wild animals including 9.   which are critically endangered or endemic to the continent, i.e. they occur only in this geographic region. An incredible one billion animals died directly in the blaze. Sadly, nature experts fear that this number could continue to rise even 10.   the fires have ceased.

Adapted from https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2020/1/8/21055228/australia-fires-map-animals-koalas-wildlife-smoke-donate https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/australia-fires-threatened-species-animal-plant-extinct-habitat-12288174