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Task 1

Rozhodnite sa, ktoré slovo/slovné spojenie chýba na vynechaných miestach v texte (1 – 10). Alternatívy uvidíte, keď kliknete na šedé polia.

The Galapagos Islands

Are you looking for an extraordinary holiday? Are you ready for a thrilling experience on remote islands? If you can afford a big trip and do not mind 1. taking to take take taken a long flight to the Eastern Pacific, then the Galapagos is the ideal destination for you. The name of the islands derives 2. on of from in the Spanish word “galapagoˮ meaning a saddle. The early Spanish explorers named the group of islands after a type of saddle resembling the shell of the giant tortoises that they found in the place. Interestingly, the Galapagos were discovered by accident in the 16th century 3. whenever while once when ocean currents brought a ship of Spanish sailors to the uninhabited islands. 

The Galapagos comprise 19 islands out of which ninety-seven per cent 4. have declared have been declared declared were declaring a national park. Thousands of visitors come to the Galapagos annually to admire the unique fauna and flora on the land and in the sea. The 5. total sum number numeral of visitors to the reserve is limited and each tourist 6. could must may might pay an entrance fee of 100 USD. The funds 7. are used are using used use to protect the biodiversity of the islands. All the travel costs and entrance fees are worth paying since seeing giant tortoises, sea turtles, marine iguanas, small penguins or colourful birds (called boobies) in their natural habitat is a 8. advantageously honestly faithfully truly amazing experience for every traveller. The Galapagos belong to the most volcanically 9. active alive awake aware areas in the world. So apart from the diverse wildlife, observing a volcanic eruption on the islands could be another never-to-be- 10. forgetting forgotten forgot forget adventure.

Adapted from https://www.metropolitan-touring.com/facts-galapagos/

Task 2

Na vynechané miesta v texte (1 – 10)  doplňte jedno slovo (ktoré má gramatickú funkciu).

Ancient Egyptians

The civilization of ancient Egypt is one of the major topics taught to pupils in History classes.  They usually learn some basic facts 1.   Egyptian history and culture. If asked, most of us would probably recollect that the Egyptians built pyramids, mummified the bodies of pharaohs before burying 2. with all their treasures in tombs and used hieroglyphs to write.  In fact, there is a lot 3. to discover about the ancient people than the information we get from typical history textbooks. For example, both men and women in ancient Egypt wore makeup. The reason was twofold. They believed that cosmetics made them look attractive and also protected their eyes 4. infections. Later scientists have proved that the eye paint the Egyptians used actually contained minerals 5. had positive medical effects. 

Egyptian physicians knew 6. great deal about human physiology and the treatment of various diseases. Early medical books 7. were written in ancient Egypt presented doctors specialized in healing just one part of the human body. These preserved medical texts describe a wide range 8.   remedies. The cures include religious rituals, vegetables, herbs, aromas and even animal dung. Do you think that the last ingredient is disgusting and makes 9. sense? Well, modern researchers have shown that despite the risk of infections treating wounds with dung, it was not completely irrational because 10. really contains some antibiotic substances!

Adapted from https://www.history.com/news/11-things-you-may-not-know-about-ancient-egypt http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ancient/egyptians/health_01.shtml